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This website is an initiative of the Rockefeller Archive Center and has been funded in partnership with the Rockefeller Foundation in recognition of its centennial year. This website serves as a portal for students, researchers or any other interested persons wishing to know more about the history of the Rockefeller Foundation. The documents and images on this site represent only a very small portion of the holdings of the Rockefeller Archive Center. For descriptions of additional resources, or to schedule an appointment to view collection materials, visit the Rockefeller Archive Center website.

Website Team:

Jack Meyers, President, Rockefeller Archive Center, (RAC)

James Allen Smith, Vice-President and Director of Research and Education, RAC

Teresa Iacobelli, Historian, RAC

Barbara Shubinski, Historian, RAC

Patricia L. Rosenfield, Senior Fellow, RAC

Lee Hiltzik, Assistant Director, Head of Donor Relations and Collection Developement, RAC

Laura Miller, Historian, RAC

Sibyl Schaefer, Assistant Director, Head of Digital Programs, RAC

Hillel Arnold, Assistant Director, Head of Digital Programs, RAC

Wayne Graham, Omeka Consultant

Opto Design

Dennis J. Maika, Consultant, Teaching Modules

Janet Bunde, Copy Editor

Amanda Tremaglio, Content Management

Digital Reproductions and Description

Lucas Buresch, RAC

Thomas Rose, RAC

Kate Mockler, RAC

Bethany Francis, RAC

Patrick Galligan, RAC

Marissa Vassari, RAC

Research Assistants

Jessica Solcz

Jennifer Schawe

Sonia Geba